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How Do Export Controls Affect Day-to-Day Engineering Efforts?

The "Yates Memorandum" from the US Department of Justice (September 9, 2015) makes very clear that individuals, not just corporations, will be a…
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Heat Transfer and its Role in Product Development

In recent years, NuWaves has received a lot of positive feedback regarding their small form factor and light weight RF products. Maintaining good…
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Benefiting Customers Through Effective Project Management

Many engineering services companies have the ability to develop and deliver tailored products or services customers desire.  However, real value is gained when…
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How Electronic Warfare is becoming an integral part of the Cyber Security Industry

A few days ago, I received a call from one of our domestic sales reps, Jon, talking about some potential sales leads he…
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How can a mentorship program help to grow a small business?

Every small business owner knows that their company is only as good as their employees. Growing individuals to their maximum potential can pay…
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Why doesn’t my embedded ceramic GPS patch antenna work?

Data communications systems for small form-factor platforms and applications – for instance, unmanned vehicles, unattended sensor systems, etc. – oftentimes require GPS signals…
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Should you upgrade your Enterprise Resource Planning System?

For a manufacturing company, having a strong Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System can be a competitive advantage. Some systems integrate with the entire…
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A Message to Co-Op Seekers and New Graduates

 I recently had the pleasure of attending the engineering career fair at my alma mater. It was great to be back to the…
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