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What does it take to be a Radio Frequency Engineer?

This is a question that aspiring engineers, as well as experienced electrical engineers, may be asking themselves. Radio frequency (RF) technology has been…
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What does it mean for a company to have great communication?

If you ask any company what their biggest opportunity for improvement is, they will say in one way or another that it's communication.…
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Have you Considered the Effects of Mismatch Impedances on the Output of your PA?

In order to deliver the maximum amount of power from a power amplifier to an antenna, the impedances must be matched. The parameter…
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L-Band Power Amplifier Blog

When is Power Amplifier Linearity Important?

In today's complex world of wireless communications, the radio frequency (RF) power amplifier (PA) provides the final boost in power prior to a…
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How do you manage obsolete electronic components?

The electronic components that make up Radio Frequency (RF) modules come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions (e.g. capacitors, resistors, inductors).…
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How Do Export Controls Affect Day-to-Day Engineering Efforts?

The "Yates Memorandum" from the US Department of Justice (September 9, 2015) makes very clear that individuals, not just corporations, will be a…
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Heat Transfer and its Role in Product Development

In recent years, NuWaves has received a lot of positive feedback regarding their small form factor and light weight RF products. Maintaining good…
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Benefiting Customers Through Effective Project Management

Many engineering services companies have the ability to develop and deliver tailored products or services customers desire.  However, real value is gained when…
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