17 07, 2020

Electronic Warfare, Drone Wars!

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A Little Background Figure 1 Football formation example Conflict is inevitable, and as a result, military force is required if a peaceful solution is unattainable. One of the numerous outcomes of this course of action has been the evolution of battle strategy and weaponry, for the sole purpose of either efficiently defeating the [...]

26 06, 2020

Are You Space Qualified?

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Space, the Final Frontier! Figure 1 Space launch example It would seem that the desire to explore our boundaries is built into our DNA, and as a result, has driven us into every corner of the globe with few territories untouched.  Considering this expansion, it is only reasonable we would extend this reach [...]

12 06, 2020

Spectrum Analyzer Essentials

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Introduction Spectrum analyzers are a critical tool in the RF electronics lab. They provide a means of capturing and analyzing RF signals. There have been many varieties over the years, with a range of capabilities. Through this blog, we will explore some of the changes made to spectrum analyzers over time, their basic capabilities and [...]

5 06, 2020

Ablation, Anyone?

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Landscape Figure 1 US age-adjusted death rates and life expectancy One of the many positive outcomes associated with western life is the extension of our longevity (Figure 1).  However, with this benefit, comes an unfortunate increase in disease and debilitating physical pain.  This is a bittersweet relationship, we get to experience our loved [...]

29 05, 2020

Oscilloscope Primer

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Oscilloscopes are very useful tools in the electronics lab. There have been many varieties over the years, with a wide range of capabilities. Through the narrative below, we will explore some of the differences, capabilities, and short comings of oscilloscopes. Basic Oscilloscope Types: There have been three basic types oscilloscopes available over the years. Analog: [...]

20 05, 2020

The Tesla Coil: A Basic RF Resonant Transformer

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The Tesla coil provides a high voltage demonstration of a resonant transformer. Although primarily used for entertainment purposes, with its long electrical arcs and noise, it also provides a path to understanding basic RF resonant circuits; just part of the many considerations involved when designing RF circuits. Overview of Design There are many paths one [...]

11 05, 2020

Who’s Looking Out for Your Spectrum?

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What was that? Ever go to a party and you’re one of the first to arrive?  You start a pleasant conversation and before you know it, as attenders start funneling in, find yourself yelling in the ear of the listener “what was that”?  The same thing happens      Figure 1 Electromagnetic participant examples [...]

17 04, 2020

What’s So “Massive” About Massive MIMO?

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More Power! Can you imagine life without your smartphone?  How could we possibly function?  Our entire life is now centralized in a single mobile location.  In a split second we can update our activities to 100’s of people, trade stock, binge watch our favorite show, summon a ride, order a pizza, and the list goes [...]

25 03, 2020

Using Time to Save Time Tuning Filters

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In the world of wireless communication, the airwaves are continually getting more and more crowded. The need for filtering signals has always existed. The need for more precise and tighter spec’d filters is increasing. More stringent demands often come with a higher price tag due to difficulties in producibility. Tighter specs mean tighter dimensional requirements, [...]

9 03, 2020

Women in RF and Microwave Engineering & Electronics

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In honor of March being Women's History Month, we interviewed five outstanding women who work at NuWaves to get their opinions on working in the RF and Microwave (RFMW) Engineering industry.   Question 1: What made you interested in engineering/electronics? Angie: My mom was an electronics assembler and she used to bring her work home [...]