NuWaves’ industry leading high-power frequency converters are designed to integrate in assembly products for both the military and commercial markets, including software defined radios (SDR), telemetry, and electronic warfare systems including SIGINT, ELINT, COMINT, etc. Our commercial-off-the-shelf solutions are the ideal combination of power efficiency, miniaturization, and ruggedized packaging.

NuWaves’ Multi-Octave RF Upconverter, or MORF™, is a small and versatile up block converter module featuring programmable IF and RF frequencies, variable attenuation control, and user-selectable IF bandwidth filtering.

NuWaves’ ConvertaWave™ series of RF down block converters offer unmatched precision with 100 kHz or 1 Hz tuning resolution with superior rejection of out-of-band interference. Our downconverters boast extremely low noise figure and user selectable features.

Need a custom-tailored solution for your system? Reach out to our team of highly experienced design engineers to learn how we can bring your custom specifications from concept through production.

Multi-Octave RF Upconverter (MORF™)

– Programmable IF Input: 2 – 70 MHz

– Programmable RF Output: 2 – 3000 MHz


ConvertaWave™ RF Downconverters

– Automatic Gain Control / Manual Gain Control

– 100 kHz or 1 Hz tuning resolution

High-Performance Solutions from Concept to Production

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