RF Frequency Converters

Multi-Octave RF Upconverter (MORF™)

– Programmable IF Input: 2 – 70 MHz

– Programmable RF Output: 2 – 3000 MHz


NuWaves Engineering Multi-Octave RF Up Converter

ConvertaWave™ RF Downconverters

– Automatic Gain Control / Manual Gain Control

– 100 kHz or 1 Hz tuning resolution


NuWaves Engineering ConvertaWave RF Frequency Converter


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Wargames – Preparing for Battle!

“I feel the need—a need for speed!” It would be hard to imagine anyone who’s seen Top Gun that hasn’t pictured themselves as a Naval aviator going supersonic targeting a bogy. This motion picture was so successful at promoting the armed forces the US military saw a year over year increase of 20k enlisted personnel.

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UAV, Global Coverage

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Our history is rich with a diverse range of unmanned radio-controlled contraptions from hydrogen filled model aircraft used for theatre act entertainment in the late 19th century to the state-of-the-art military grade drones with a global reach. The first pilotless aircraft designed and tested by the Royal Aircraft Establishment of Britain in

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VSAT Connecting Your World

What’s VSAT? Our quest for enhanced communications over distance is prevalent throughout history and has come in many forms; drumbeats, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, and more recently the manipulation of electromagnetic waves propagating free space. At the end of the day, all solutions have the same fundamental attributes; maximizing coverage, efficiency, robustness and security. Very-small-aperture

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