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Concept to Production

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Concept to Production

Here at NuWaves, we provide a variety of design services to suit your needs. Additionally, with our unique ability of concept to production, we are able to fulfill placed orders in-house, starting with concept, to design, qualification, to production. Click here to learn more.

Core Competencies and Key Capabilities

Listed below is a glance at the core competencies and key capabilities that we will utilize to help you advance your mission. 

Power Amplifier

  • Power Amplifier Design
  • Bi-directional Amplifiers
  • Transmit/Receive Modules
  • Radio Heads
  • Designs up to 32 GHz
  • Broadband Techniques
  • High-Power Signal Sources
  • Specification Development


  • Wireless Range Extension
  • Radio Heads
  • High-Power Signal Sources
  • Broadband Techniques
  • Specification Development

Receiver and Front-Ends

  • Low Power Receivers
  • Low Noise Front-End
  • RF Tuners
  • Modulator and Demodulator Design
  • Specification Development

High-Power Signal Sources & Frequency Converters

  • Up-converters/Down-converters
  • Transverters
  • Frequency Conversion
  • RF Frequency Multipliers
  • High-Power Signal Sources
  • Frequency Sources
  • Specification Development

Systems & Sub-Systems

  • RF Propagation Analysis
  • Antenna Modeling,
    Analysis, and Design
  • System Modernization
  • System Sustainment
  • Vibration Testing
  • EMI Confidence Testing
  • Mechanical Design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Circuit Card Test and
  • GNU Radio Development
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Test Bed Developments
  • Gap Analytics and Studies
  • Independent Third Party
  • Product Reconfiguration
  • Obsolete Product Repair
  • Research and Development
  • Component Replacement
  • DoD & Aerospace
  • Miniaturization
  • Custom RF and Analog
  • RF Phase Control
  • RF Systems Integration
  • Custom Synthesizers
  • Local Oscillator Distribution
  • Low Phase Noise Designs
  • Communications
  • Product Development


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"My team of highly skilled and experienced engineers are ready to advance your mission. We will maximize your RF capability and readiness, and provide a full spectrum of solutions to engineer a lasting partnership."
NuWaves Engineering CTO Tim Wurth
Tim Wurth
Chief Technical Officer