Maximize RF capability and readiness
with NuWaves products and services.
Mode 5 and IFF Phase II
NuWaves Engineering awarded ADROIT Phase II
Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) simulation and subsequent RF injection of up to 1000 simultaneous simulated tactical aircraft to passive air traffic control receiver hardware.
HYPERION_image RF Contract Awarded, Department of Defense DoD, Department of Navy, Combat Environment Instrumentation Systems Contract
NuWaves Engineering selected for CEIS award
NuWaves is one of six companies selected for a $197 M (IDIQ) contract for research, development, delivery, sustainment, and upgrade of instrumentation for the Combat Environment Instrumentation Systems (CEIS) award. 

CEIS includes GPS-based time-space-position-information instrumentation, electronic attack/active emitter pods, warning/countermeasure systems, radio frequency and electro-optical tracking systems, multi-spectral threat/target systems and unmanned airborne vehicle instrumentation used by Department of Defense and allied training and test and evaluation ranges. READ MORE >>>

NuPower 12A03A L- & S-Band Micro Power Amplifier

• 1.3 Ounces; 1.62 Cubic Inches

• Minimum 5 Watts RF Power

• L- & S- Band Frequencies

• CW and Near-Constant-Envelope Waveforms

Perfect for transmitting a data feed from your UAV to the ground station

DoD Electronics
System Sustainment &
Modernization Services

NuWaves provides key system
sustainment services to the U.S. Navy
in support of Warfighter training
at our nation's Tactical Training Ranges.

NuWaves Successfully Completes
Multipaction Testing of Triplexer
NuWaves has successfully completed multipaction testing for a Triplexer filter, which
will support AFRL’s Global Positioning System (GPS) technology development program
Read more

No matter your system requirements, NuWaves is committed to providing high-performance off-the-shelf or tailored RF modules for communications, electronic warfare and telemetry applications.

We offer RF and microwave engineering design services to military and aerospace clients for product design, development, production, test, and qualification. Our expertise spans from high frequency (HF) to Ka-Band frequencies and includes RF systems and subsystems.

Beyond RF design, NuWaves Engineering also provides a wide breadth of engineering services related to the deployment, testing, evaluation, and sustainment of advanced communications, telemetry, and electronic warfare systems.

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About NuWaves

NuWaves Engineering endeavors to provide one of-a-kind technical solutions for the U.S. Military, including high-technology Engineering Services and Products, and to achieve unsurpassed EXCELLENCE in client satisfaction.


NuWaves provides unique capabilities to power your initiatives and achieve your objectives. We research, design and manufacture solutions from concept to production. 


We work with daily intent and purpose to provide quick-turn, concept-to-production solutions for our customers. We understand that shifting priorities is normal; flexibility, speed, and resourcefulness  give NuWaves the ability to provide unsurpassed value to our customers.


Always ready and quick to respond, NuWaves is a caring, veteran-owned group of patriots. We are engaged in your success and endeavor to build a lasting relationship.


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