Significant advances continue with respect to unmanned aerial systems in both defense and domestic applications. In fact, their acceptance into the national airspace system is fast becoming a near-term reality. The pace of development has led to an ever-expanding list of missions which increase the demands on systems, both new and old, in terms of power consumption, payload and the ability to operate beyond line of sight safely and reliably. Many systems integrate multiple communication channels to simultaneously accomplish a number of things such as collision avoidance, intelligence gathering, or communications range extension and may require a diverse array of components to accomplish these tasks.

Power Amplifiers for Unmanned Aerial SystemsNuWaves RF Solutions has many Power Amplifiers to meet your SWaP needs

When examining the use of Power Amplifiers (PAs), Bidirectional Amplifiers (BDAs) or Frequency Converters on Unmanned Aerial Systems, the importance of reduced form factor, weight and DC power consumption are highlighted. Whether the application is beyond line of sight terrestrial control or datalinks that provide ground or satellite-based communications, a module that reduces power consumption while providing increased range extension is critical to mission success. A more efficient component results in increased range, increased endurance, and/or the ability to add additional payload packages to the UAS. Reducing weight, while increasing performance, also opens up new applications for high performance systems such as man-portable or swarm type systems currently under development.

NuWaves RF Solutions has developed a wide variety of off-the-shelf RF amplifiers with rich features to support mission-critical CONOPS in telemetry, ISR, and tactical communication systems applications. Frequency ranges are available from UHF through C-band with output power levels ranging from 5 to 100 W. All NuPower PAs™ and NuPower Xtender BDAs™ are designed, built and tested in-house under NuWaves’ Quality Management System (QMS) certified to AS9100:2009 and ISO 9001-2008 standards, which ensures that each product arrives on-time and defect-free.

Most models are in-stock, and are available for same-day shipment on orders placed before 2pm. NuWaves also boasts a full suite of state-of-the-art design and simulation tools, test and measurement equipment, prototyping equipment and a full-scale production facility to provide custom solutions to your specifications. Contact NuWaves today to extend the range of your communications systems and don’t forget to check out our RF Amplifiers and Frequency Converters.

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