NuSwitch™ VU150MH01 VHF/UHF SPDT High-Power RF Switch

The NuSwitch™ VU150MH01 is a high-speed, low-loss SPDT RF Switch that delivers excellent power handling for a multitude of UHF/VHF applications. If you would like to view a data sheet for this product, please reach out to our business development team at

Frequency Range

30to 512 MHz

Power Handling

150 W CW

Switch Time

4 μS

The VU150MH01 is a high-speed, low-loss SPDT switch that features high power handling of 150W in the 30-512 MHz frequency range. This switch offers 4µs switching time to handle fast switching applications with separate receive and transmit paths that share a common antenna. With a low, typical insertion loss of 0.11 dB in transmit and 0.21 dB in receive, in addition to high, typical isolation of 45dB between paths, this switch is sure to benefit your system with minimal impact to the link budget. The VU150MH01 offers very low power consumption, requiring only a single 5V TTL signal and consumes only 350mA. The rugged design allows this switch to operate over -40°C to +85°C with very little change in performance.

As with many of NuWaves RF Solutions’ COTS products, custom options are available to meet performance requirements in your application. Contact NuWaves RF Solutions today for all of your T/R switching needs!