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HiPerTuner™ RF Broadband Preselector

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The HiPerTuner RF Broadband Preselector operates over a frequency range of 200 MHz to 2500 MHz, and is digitally controlled via a simple RS-232 interface configuring the tuner for frequency of operation and RF gain control. The RF output is a filtered version of the RF input (i.e. no down-conversion or up-conversion).


Frequency Range

200 MHz to 2500 Mhz

Tuning Resolution

1 MHz

Bandwidth, Typ

4% to 8%

Noise Figure, Typ

6 dB

Export Classification

ITAR Controlled

Product Description

The RF200-2500TUNV1 is a premier high-performance, wide-band RF tuner (HiPerTuner™) designed for front-end receiver and transmit applications where stringent RF filtering of the signal-of-interest is required with superb out of band rejection.  The HiPerTuner boasts a 1 MHz center frequency tuning resolution and 45 dB of gain control with 1 dB steps.  Bandwidths are typically between 4% and 8%.

HiPerTuner applications include RF communications systems such as software-defined radio RF filtering, test bed developments, front-end filtering for strong out-of-band interference, co-site radio performance improvement, transmit exciter or pre-exciter filtering for broadband and narrow-band communications, etc.

A development kit that includes a graphical user interface (GUI) software for the PC control panel and a customized interface cable assembly is available as an ordering option.

Demo units are available to qualified customers.

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