RF Receiver & Front End Design

Low Noise Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and RF Data

  • HF thru Ka-Band Custom Designs
  • High Sensitivity
  • High Linearity
  • Low Noise Figure

  • High Efficiency
  • Varactor Tuned Front-End Filtering
  • Broadband Frequency Coverage
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

  • High Interception Point
  • Small Form Factors
  • Extreme Ruggedization
  • Custom Designs

From concept through production, let NuWaves’ highly qualified and experienced team provide you with a complete solution. NuWaves Engineering can guide you through the process of deriving the design specs necessary to achieve the performance you seek, designing and procuring hardware, and integration of the finalized product – all to expand upon your capabilities.

State of the Art, High Performance, High Dynamic Range Designs

Custom Receiver Designs and Enhancements to Existing Hardware

Intercepts RF Signals across Multiple Octaves & Downconverts to Standard IF

High Performance in High Signal Environments

System Modernization and Repackaging for Smaller Form Factor

Simple Command Interface to Control Frequency, AGC, Bandwidth, etc.

RF Design Ground Listening Unit Receiver Rx
RF Design Triplexer Diplexer Multiplexer
RF Design Low Noise Amplifier LNA
RF Design Cavity Lumped Element Lowpass Highpass Bandpass Notch Filter

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NuWaves’ RF Front End Design Experience Includes:

NuCeptor High Performance Intercept RF Receiver

NuWaves’ NuCeptor is a RF front end designed to mate to the back end of a customer’s existing Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to increase capability. This high dynamic range receiver operates over the VHF/UHF band and down-converts the received signal to an IF for digital sampling. The NuCeptor Receiver boasts extremely low noise figure, 3-stage high performance varactor tuned filtering, multiple IF, high IP3, multi-drop capability, and a miniature form factor. The NuCeptor operates across the military band in a myriad of applications for SATCOM receivers, COMINT, and SIGINT.

RF Design Intercept Receiver VHF UHF downconverter

Miniature Digitally Tuned RF Receiver

RF Design Miniature RF Tuner Filter UHF VHF L-Band S-Band

NuWaves’ HiperTUNER is a state-of-the-art miniature RF Tuner utilized for RF signals in the band of 200 MHz to 2.5 GHz. HiPerTUNER meets the demanding need for high performance receiver pre-selector and transmit filtering for applications involving RF communications and signal exploitation, inclusive of SIGNIT, COMINT, and ELINT.

The HiPerTUNER integrates with a host controller or terminal program and utilizes a straight-forward command/control interface for ease of integration. The HiPerTUNER provides high-dynamic range performance with low noise figure and boasts superb multiple-cascaded varactor-tuned filtering achieving bandpass filter bandwidths of 1-3%.

X-Ceptor Intercept RF Receiver & Downconverter

NuWaves’ X-Ceptor intercept receiver includes tunable front-end filtering over VHF, UHF, L, and S Bands. The high dynamic range receiver includes multiple tuned filter chains utilizing various bandpass filter techniques to achieve extremely high out-of-band attenuation. The X-Ceptor boasts AGC, MGC, GUI, < 1 Hz frequency resolution step size, and extremely low phase noise performance. Similar to the NuCeptor, the X-Ceptor is used in SIGINT, COMINT, and ELINT applications.

RF Design Intercept Receiver Rx Downconverter

Low Noise Amplifier Designs

High Gain, High Intercept Point, Low Noise Figure

NuWaves’ experience with designing high-performance receiver systems and RF front ends has naturally led to a deep proficiency with low noise amplifier design as well.

These designs include:

  • Single-stage LNAs – For use with Wireless LAN, Cordless Phones, and other 5-6 GHz Systems.

  • Multiple-stage LNAs – When needing a higher gain than a single stage LNA and is used in high performance receivers.

  • Multiple stages with inter-stage filtering – For ways of distributing data like satellite, cable, and microwave signals.

  • Automatic gain control

  • Medium power amplifiers

RF Design Low Noise Amplifiers LNA high RF gain high third-order intercept point OIP3
RF Design Ultra Low SWaP Size Designs

More Projects

Tri-Band Front End Multiplier RF Receiver

RF Design Tri-Band Front End Multiplier

NuWaves designed and developed a multi-band Front-End filter employing tuned inter-digital filter techniques and the design of a multi-band multiplier for a telemetry system operating in L & S-Band.

L & S-Band Telemetry RF Receiver

RF Design L-Band S-Band Telemetry Receiver Rx

Development of L & S-Band Telemetry Systems receiver with an 18-month design effort. The receiver boasts three different configurations, a Lower L-Band, Upper L-Band, and S-Band, utilizing embedded RF filters in the design.

Sonobuoy RF Receiver

RF Design Sonobuoy Receiver Rx

RF Downconverter for use in the reception of Military Sonobuoy Communication Signals. 60-day delivery from concept to production.

Third-Party RF Receiver & Tuner Evaluation & Repair

RF Receiver and Tuner Evaluation and Repair
REQUEST Receiver & Tuner Evaluation & Repair Information
Third Party Repair Validation


Evaluation, troubleshooting, and repair of any Receiver & Tuner modules without benefit of any technical drawings or documentation.


  • Comprehensive evaluation and deep-dive analysis of the transmit and receive circuitry
  • Successful repair validated through third-party testing
  • Originally designated “beyond economical repair” by supplier, units were cost-effectively repaired and fielded

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NuWaves’ in-depth knowledge, experience, and key personnel allow us to offer a full spectrum of solutions to maximize your RF capability and readiness, and engineer a lasting partnership. NuWaves Engineering is driven to advance your mission; challenged to achieve excellence.

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