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NuWaves Engineering ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100:2016 Rev D Certified

We employ quality management processes and are AS9100 and ISO9001 certified

RF & Microwave Systems Contract Manufacturer & Assembly

NuWaves has invested significant resources towards in-house capabilities to improve prototyping, production, testing and more. These services enable us to better serve our customers with quick-turn projects, high quality production builds, and thorough hardware performance evaluation.

Certified in:
  • IPC -A-610
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620
  • J-STD-001
  • IPC-7711/IPC-7721 Rework & Repair

We offer the complete turnkey solution to your electromechanical needs. Our manufacturing facility benefits from easy access to a wide array of RF systems assets. This includes:

  • In House Engineering Staff– NuWaves has a full team of 30+ in-house RF, Mechanical and Digital Design Engineers with a combined 100+ years of experience. This team stays active in the latest innovations through Small Business Innovative Research Projects. Each team member has a single point contact for easy accessibility of our customers. 
  • Circuit Card Assembly– We are capable of placing 0201, fine pitch QFN, LGA, and BGA up to 2″x 2″.
  • Machine Shop- Equipped with a HAAS DTM2 CNC mill, Knee and column mill, and Engine Lathe, to support our in-house prototype hardware.
  • XRay and Rework Machine- This machine combo is capable of holding PCB boards up to 12″ x 12″, fitted with IR thermal sensor, thermocouple, infrared heat aperture control, and optical alignment vision.
  • Reflow Oven– We have 7 top/bottom heating zones, lead-free certified, KIC X5 Profiler & Nitrogen capability.
  • Aqueous Batch Cleaning- Fitted with top/bottom, power basket spray, closed loop wash, DI water or chemistry application, and torrid zone force convection drying. 
  • Conformal Coating- Protect your electronics from chemicals, moisture and extreme temperatures. 
  • Build to Print
  • Design to Print
In addition to RF performance & validation testing, NuWaves also has the capability to conduct a wide variety of in-house environmental verification and qualification testing, including temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, acceleration, water immersion, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). NuWaves is dedicated to the ruggedization, reliability, and overall quality of every piece of hardware that leaves our manufacturing facility. After all, the Warfighter must depend on hardware to endure harsh environments without sacrificing performance. That is why our products undergo a variety of environmental tests, whether it is to fulfill a specific customer requirement or to align with our internal quality procedures.
In support of NuWaves’ rapid-pace manufacturing is the company’s advanced automated testing capabilities. NuWaves utilizes the industry’s latest automated test software to complement our extensive in-house testing equipment to hasten the pace and accuracy of product testing.  Not only does NuWaves leverage this technology to test its own products, but it has also developed a stand-alone automated test station for a number of customers in the D.o.D. and aerospace industries, including the U.S. Navy Tactical Training Range (TTR) program, which allows the customer to test and verify operation of critical electronic subsystems in the field.

To support rapid prototyping activities, NuWaves has printed circuit board prototype fabrication capabilities in-house which utilize a computer controlled machine to route circuit traces and drill vias on the circuit board. Since it is fabricated from the standard Gerber files, the complete printed circuit board has exactly the same characteristics as a circuit board fabricated using conventional chemical etch process. Because the total process is in-house, complete circuit card assemblies can be built in short order by skilled assemblers who can perform the hand placement typically used for prototype circuit boards. Moreover, NuWaves has automated parts placement equipment for very high production quantities, and skilled assemblers to complete the hand placement typically used for prototype circuit boards.

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