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As NuWaves Engineering’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Tim Wurth has full responsibility for the application and development of technology in order to advance the interests and increase the value of NuWaves Engineering.  Ideally suited for this position, he draws on 32+ years of research, design, and development experience in electronic communications with a strong background in delivering innovative solutions from DC to above C-Band.  After graduating from The Ohio State University as an electrical engineer (BSEE), Tim has devoted his career to advancing the state-of-the-art in RF designs applied to the transmission, reception, and distribution of RF waveforms for military communications and telemetry.  He has also held senior engineering design positions at Cincinnati Electronics (CE) and Nova Engineering, both companies having later been acquired by L-3 Communications.
26 02, 2016

How Do I Phase-Lock Two Signal Sources?

By |2018-04-05T19:27:32+00:00February 26th, 2016|Design Innovation, RF Front End|

There is often a need to phase-lock two or more RF signal sources so that there is no frequency drift between the signal sources. This discussion will be limited to the case where the RF signal sources are of the ubiquitous integer phase-lock loop (PLL) type. A necessary condition is that the two sources have [...]