Wireless Charging

Did you know that NuWaves Engineering has been taking on some new and exciting RF Design Service projects lately, expanding NuWaves’ experience and expertise into new and diverse industries? Over the past few months, NuWaves has kicked-off a number of projects partnering with customers that serve diverse industries such as medical, public safety, and the commercial consumer markets. These new projects are being driven by technological innovations in wireless capabilities that are being utilized by companies to expand products’ capabilities and even develop new products that were previously not possible.

As RF technology develops and becomes more capable, companies are continuously finding new and creative ways to incorporate wireless technology into their products and services to change the landscape of their industries. Insurance companies are utilizing UAS platforms to inspect damage related to their customers’ claims. Airlines are beginning to rollout in-flight WiFi and satellite television services to passengers. Medical companies are utilizing electromagnetic energy to attack diseases in the body.

Wireless Charging

Advances in Wireless technology are shaping everything from the gadgets we buy to how we charge them.

As a result of this recent trend, NuWaves has had the opportunity to take on new and challenging projects, overcoming unique technical hurdles to maximize customers’ RF capability and readiness and advance their mission. NuWaves’ team of experienced and dedicated engineers come from a variety of backgrounds such as mobile telecommunications, military & electronic warfare, satellite systems, fiber optics, etc. This diversity among team members provides the flexibility to support customers in a range of industries and utilize the relevant RF experience and fine-tune it towards almost any application.

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