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Life cycles of DoD electronic instrumentation systems for combat environment simulation are being greatly extended as a result of modern defense budget constraints. Electronic systems must be sustained for far longer than originally anticipated and providers of the necessary services to keep the fleet’s equipment mission-ready are few. NuWaves is proud to be a key systems sustainment supplier to the U.S. Navy’s Tactical Training Range (TTR) programs that provide tracking of surface and air participants at combat training ranges. NuWaves Engineering has extensive experience extending the operational life of RF training range systems by providing depot maintenance to extend operation life cycle of existing hardware, system redesign to reduce cost, and more. Continue reading below to learn about our involvement with RF Tactical Training Systems and the difference we have been able to make in life expectancy, performance, and cost.

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Low Cost System Sustainment for Hardware Originally Deemed Beyond Economic Repair by OEM

Low Cost System Sustainment

NuWaves Engineering has been contracted to sustain and modernize hardware equipment for the Tactical Combat Training System (TCTS) and P-5 Combat Training System.

NuWaves Engineering offered an alternative solution for the system sustainment of TCTS & P5 Combat Training System hardware that saved the customer significant cost compared with the original system sustainment plan presented by the hardware OEM. We were able to repair legacy hardware that the OEM had originally deemed BER, and sustain their functionality to drastically extend their life cycle for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the new model upgrades released by OEM. In recent months, the OEM has started to provide depot-level maintenance for the amplifier modules that they originally deemed BER.

NuWaves Engineering has extensive experience providing cost-effective solutions to sustain the functionality and modernize designs of existing hardware to maintain same form, fit & function, allowing you to integrate new hardware into your existing system and expand upon your system’s capabilities.


Sustainment of AN/URY-2, 3A & 4 Transceiver (R3)

NuWaves Engineering has been responsible for the depot-level maintenance of the AN/URY-3 & 4 transceiver module, which is the key element in a time-ordered system used in test, evaluation, and training. NuWaves Engineering will soon begin modernizing the AN/URY-2 transceiver models as well, keeping units that were originally deployed on the F-14 Fighter Jet operational well into the 21st century.

NuWaves Engineering establishes a partnership with its customers by keeping their systems operating in the field for longer, ultimately preventing the need for replacing existing communication systems hardware and enabling the investment of resources to new capabilities hardware. NuWaves’ engineers and technicians are experts at root cause analysis and therefore are able to efficiently identify and rectify problems to significantly limit down-time for customer equipment.

LATR R3 RF Range Training Systems NuWaves Engineering

Check out our reverse engineering capabilities today to learn more about how we can save you money by keeping your system field operational for longer and servicing your equipment cost effectively, saving you money and allowing you to reinvest your capital into new capabilities.


Modernization of the AN/URY-6 Transceiver

The Relay/Reporter/Responder (R3) Emulator (AN/URY-6) was developed as a form, fit, and function replacement transponder unit for the AN/URY-3A & 4 transceiver modules used by the LATR-equipped Tactical Training Ranges (TTR).

LATR R3 RF Range Training Systems NuWaves Engineering

NuWaves Engineering has been able to successfully reverse engineer the original AN-URY-3A & 4 transceiver modules to modernize the design and BOM for the AN/URY-5 & -6 system upgrades, to increase manufacturability and drive down cost. The AN/URY-6 transceiver model is a ruggedized version of the AN/URY-5 approved for mounting on fixed wing aircraft.

This has enabled the Navy to continue using legacy hardware to meet the needs of their Tactical Training Range equipment. Thanks in part to NuWaves’ creative engineering solutions, all AN/URY-2, 3A, 4, 5 & 6 transceiver module variants will continue facilitating the digital communications of sensitive range information through 2020. This solution proved to be a cheap and reliable solution for expanding the Navy’s TTR system, allowing capital to be invested in new capabilities and minimizing the resources spent to sustain BER hardware.

Check out our reverse engineering capabilities today to learn more about how we can save you money by keeping your system field operational for longer and servicing your equipment cost effectively, saving you money and allowing you to reinvest your capital into new capabilities.


Third-Party System Evaluation & Repair

REQUEST for Evaluation & Repair Information


Evaluation, troubleshooting, and repair of high-power bidirectional amplifier modules without benefit of any technical drawings or documentation.


  • Comprehensive evaluation and deep-dive analysis of the transmit and receive circuitry
  • Successful repair validated through third-party testing
  • Originally designated “beyond economical repair” by supplier, units were cost-effectively repaired and fielded


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  • Systems Upgrades and Enhancements

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  • Training

  • Gap Analysis between Legacy and Future Systems

NuWaves’ in-depth knowledge, experience, and key personnel allow us to offer a full spectrum of solutions to maximize your RF capability and readiness, and engineer a lasting partnership. NuWaves Engineering is driven to advance your mission; challenged to achieve excellence.

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