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RF System Design

For Communication, Telemetry, and Electronic Warfare Systems

We offer the necessary experience, capabilities, and tools to design, develop, simulate, prototype, and manufacture fully-integrated RF and microwave systems. Contact NuWaves’ experienced team to maximize your RF capability and readiness with RF system design and development. NuWaves Engineering has a wide range of RF system design experience ranging from traditional RF communication systems, to medical device equipment that utilizes RF technology to advance our medical industry.

NuWaves Engineering has expertise in the design and development of RF systems such as transmitters, exciters, receivers and transceivers within larger-scale communication, electronic warfare, and telemetry systems. Our experienced engineering staff has the expertise, capabilities, and tools to design, develop, prototype, manufacture, and test fully-integrated RF and microwave systems. With well over a decade of successful design experience, the company’s existing core designs help accelerate the development process for its clients.

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Iridium Tracking Unit for BLOS Large Asset Tracking

RF Design Iridium Tracking Unit BLOS Large Asset Tracking

NuWaves Engineering was responsible for the design of the Iridium Tracker Unit (ITU), which was developed to replace the eTrac system that supported beyond-line-of-site tracking capability to the Virginia Capes (VACAPES) Range Systems using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Iridium technologies.

Tactical Training Range / Rotary-Wing Tracking System

Tactical Training Range Rotary Wing Tracking System RF Design

NuWaves Engineering had the privilege of developing and fielding a Rotary-Wing Tracking System (RTS) for the Navy’s Tactical Training Ranges. Utilizes an Airborne Tracking Element (ATE) and a Ground Listening Unit (GLU) communicating over a Line of Sight (LOS) RF data link for ranges up to and greater than 50 nmi.

Tri-Band Full-duplex Miniature Transceiver

Tri-Band Full Duplex Miniature Transceiver RF Design

NuWaves Engineering developed a high-performance, miniature transceiver with full-duplex, bi-directional operational capability across L-, S-, and C-Bands. It can also operate in transmit or receive only mode to allow for a unidirectional link. The transceiver IC provided direct downconversion from the selected L, S, or C-Band, as well as a single mix upconversion to generate a modulated signal in the appropriate L, S, or C-Band.

High Performance Sonobuoys Communication System

High Performance Sonobouys Communication System RF Design

A multi-platform radio system designed to facilitate long range communication between large aircraft and sonobuoy hardware.

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NuWaves’ in-depth knowledge, experience, and key personnel allow us to offer a full spectrum of solutions to maximize your RF capability and readiness, and engineer a lasting partnership. NuWaves Engineering is driven to advance your mission; challenged to achieve excellence.

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