NuPower Xtender™ VU4GX02 VHF/UHF Bidirectional Amplifier

Part Number: NW-BA-VU-4-GX02 Product Type:


225 to 512 MHz

Output Power, Typ

16 W (4 W Linear)

Export Classification

ECCN 5A991.G

The NuPower Xtender™ VU4GX02 VHF/UHF Bidirectional  Amplifier module generates 16 watts of saturated RF power and 4 watts linear across the 225 to 512 MHz frequency range.



Product Documents

The NuPower Xtender VU4GX02 is ideal for extending the communication range of half-duplex transceivers with constant-envelope waveforms (i.e. PSK- and FSK-based modulations, such as SOQPSK and GFSK), and generates 16 Watts of RF transmit power (4 W linear). The module accepts a +5 dBm input level and provides 35 dB of transmit gain, all while operating with 30% or better power efficiency at most frequencies. In receive mode, the NuPower Xtender offers a low noise figure of 3.5 dB and incorporates a low noise amplifier that provides 15 dB of gain.

The NuPower Xtender VHF/UHF bidirectional amplifier features manual transmit/receive (T/R) mode selection, coupled with an extremely fast T/R mode switch time of 2 μS.

With a small form factor (3.8 cubic inches) and state-of-the-art Gallium Nitride (GaN) power amplifier device technology, the NuPower Xtender VHF/UHF Bidirectional Amplifier module is ideal for broadband RF telemetry and communication systems that require reliability and minimal size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP).

NuPower Xtender™ Standard Interface Cable Assembly – Flying Leads (included with module)

NuPower Xtender™ Upgraded Interface Cable Assembly – Banana Plug Termination

NuPower Xtender™ Fan-Cooled Heatsink

NuPower™ Xtender Accessory Kit (includes Fan-Cooled Heatsink and Upgraded Interface Cable Assembly – Banana Plug Termination)

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