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NuPower Xtender™ 12B04A-07-C030 L- & S-Band Bidirectional Amplifier

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The NuPower Xtender ™ 12B04A-07-C030 L- & S-Band Bidirectional Amplifier module is a small, broadband, high-performance RF amplifier that provides 15 watts of RF output power from 1625 to 2500 MHz.




Operating Frequency

1625 to 2500 MHz

Output Power, Typ

15 W Psat

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Product Description

The NuPower XtenderTM 12B04A-07-C030 is a small, lightweight, and power-efficient bidirectional amplifier ideal for extending the communication range of half-duplex L- or S-band transceivers running constant-envelope or near-constant-envelope waveforms. The bidirectional amplifier generates 15 Watts (typ) of RF power from 1625 to 2500 MHz in transmit mode and the integrated low-noise amplifier provides a minimum of 19 dB of gain (typ) in receive mode.

Based on the latest gallium nitride (GaN) technology, the Xtender offers greater than 30% power efficiency at most frequencies and its compact size makes it ideal for integration into space-constrained platforms. Accepting a +5 dBm RF input, the Xtender provides 37 dB of gain. The Xtender also features overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection and operates over a wide temperature range of -30 to +60 °C.

Extend your operational communication range with NuPowerTM amplifiers from NuWaves Engineering.

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