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NuFilter™ 08BPCV-2262.5-SFSF-M01

NuWaves’ NuFilter™ 08BPCV-2262.5-SFSF-M01 is the perfect companion to the NuPower Xtender™ SCISR-20 Tri-Band Bidirectional Amplifier operating in S-Band.

The NuFilter™ 08BPCV-2262.5-SFSF-M01 provides superior harmonic and noise filtering of SCISR Radio (S-Band), as demonstrated by the rejection levels of greater than 40 dB at 1850 and 2830 MHz. This high-performance module accepts input power levels up to 35W, with only a minimal 0.4 dB of insertion loss in the passband frequency range of 2025 to 2500 MHz.

Central Frequency (MHz)


Lower Stopband Frequency (MHz)


Upper Stopband Frequency (MHz)



2.42 x 1.01 x 0.66