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NuFilter™ 05LPLE-6000 Miniature Harmonic Filter

Product Number: NW-FL-05LPLE-6000-SFSF-M01 Categories ,

NuWaves’ NuFilter™ 05LPLE-6000-SFSF-M01 harmonic filter is a low-cost, miniature, low-pass RF filter designed to reduce harmonics at the output of transmitters operating at up through S-Band.

Operating Frequency

2500 to 6000 MHz

Insertion Loss (Passband), Typ

0.3 dB to 0.6 dB

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The 05LPLE-6000-SFSF-M01 miniature harmonic filter provides superior harmonic filtering, as demonstrated by the rejections levels of greater than 20 dB from 8 GHz to 10 GHz. This high-performance module accepts input power levels up to 50 W, with only a minimal 0.75 dB of insertion loss in the passband frequency range of 2500 to 6000 MHz.

With standard SMA connectors, the NuFilter can quickly and easily be added to any RF system. NuWaves’ NuFilter™ removes the time and cost burden of creating a design, laying out a PCB, buying parts, assembling, and testing. Allow NuWaves to save you time and money by outsourcing your filtering needs.

Insertion Loss (Passband, Typ)

0.3 dB to 0.6 dB

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