HILNA™ LS Low Noise Amplifier

Part Number: HILNA-LS Product Type:


1000 to 3000 MHz

RF Gain, Typ

50 dB

Export Classification

EAR 99

This high-performance module delivers 50 dB of gain over the broad range of 1 GHz to 3 GHz with a noise figure of less than 2 dB and OIP3 of +33 dBm. The HILNA LS is also usable from 500 MHz to 3.75 GHz with 40 dB of gain (typical).

Product Documents

NuWaves’ HILNA LS™ is a broadband low noise amplifier covering L- & S-bands, and designed to achieve extremely high gain while maintaining low noise and a high third order intercept point.
The HILNA LS’s small form factor (3.3 inches cubed ) makes it ideal for small communication system installations, co-located to the antenna. The HILNA LS also offers a factory configurable Bias-T option, eliminating the need for a separate power cable run.
HILNA LS’s robust power supply also operates over a very broad range, easily allowing the unit to be integrated into systems without regard to power supply precision.

Custom Solutions Available:

  • Other Bandwidths
  • Military Screening
  • Form Factors
  • Filtering
  • Gain