HILNA™ HF Low Noise Amplifier

Part Number: HILNA-HF Product Type:


2 to 50 MHz

RF Gain, Typ

30 dB

Export Classification

EAR 99

NuWaves’ HILNA HF delivers 30 dB of gain over the 2 MHz to 50 MHz range, with less than 5 dB of Noise Figure and an OIP3 of +30 dBm.

Product Documents

The HILNA HF amplifiers are designed to achieve low noise and high third order intercept point along with extremely high gain. These characteristics are maintained across multiple octaves; covering the 2 MHz to 50 MHz Frequency Range.

Custom Solutions Available:

  • Other Bandwidths
  • Military Screening
  • Form Factors
  • Filtering
  • Gain

HILNA™ Standard Interface Cable Assembly – Flying Leads (included with module)

HILNA™ Upgraded Interface Cable Assembly – Banana Plug Termination