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RF Power Amplifier Design

Market-Leading Size, Weight, and Power Consumption PAs

In addition to NuWaves’ full line of COTS power amplifiers and bidirectional amplifiers, the company also provides design services to develop or tailor solutions that meet specific requirements, such as RF output power, linearity (e.g. EVM), or size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP).

NuWaves’ RF power amplifier design experience includes:

  • C-Band PA MMIC – A C-band power amplifier monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) device and connectorized module under development that is intended to meet the demanding needs of unmanned systems applications. Learn more.

  • S- & C-Band PA – A high-performance solid-state power amplifier that covered the entire 2.5 – 6.0 GHz range, with an output of 15 W.

  • HF PA – A 100 Watt power amplifier that operated in the HF band and supported burst transmissions with high duty cycles. The pulsed amplifier is highly reliable and meets the demanding environmental requirements within the industrial market place. VSWR protection, programmable on/off duty cycles and pulse repetition rates, as well as programmable RF output power are only a few of the attributes of this high quality design.

  • 800 – 960 MHz PA – Delivered greater than 50 Watts of RF power when driven with 10 Watts. Operated in class AB mode, the assembly supported both Analog and Digital modulation formats.

  • Power Amplifier Linearizer Module – An applique that improved the linearity of a high-efficiency PA while minimizing its required power back-off in support of amplitude-modulated waveforms such as OFDM, QAM, etc. Requiring no manual adjustments, the PALM’s adaptive correction maintains optimal linearity over amplifier temperature drift, power output, and other impairments. The PALM is ideal for linearizing high-efficiency PAs regardless of topology: Class A, AB, Doherty; or device technology: GaN, GaAs, LDMOS. By enabling high-efficiency PAs to operate linearly without the traditional limitations on output power, the PALM improves the range of broadband communication systems.

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