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RF Frequency Converter Design

High-Performance and Cost-Effective RF Front Ends

Based on decades of design experience on some of the most challenging communications, electronic warfare, and telemetry systems projects, NuWaves offers uncommon expertise in the design and development of wideband, state-of-the-art RF front-ends upconverters, downconverters, transverters, multipliers, tuners, etc. from HF to Ku-band and beyond.

RF Front-End Technologies

The following building block technologies can be applied to develop the ideal RF frequency converter for nearly any RF communications, telemetry, or electronic warfare application.

Oscillators — DRO, XTAL, CRO, SAW, discrete — from 5 MHz to 20 GHz

  • Free-running oscillators

  • Voltage-controlled oscillators

  • Mechanically-tuned oscillators

  • Digitally-tuned oscillators

  • Frequency-multiplied oscillators

  • Amplifier-buffered or Isolator output oscillators

  • Phase-locked oscillators with internal/external reference

Frequency Dividers

  • Electronic countermeasures equipment

  • Communication Systems

  • Laboratory Equipment

Frequency synthesizers

  • Custom references and step sizes

Ultra-low added noise active multipliers

  • Up to 10x

Comb generators with internal/external reference

  • Multiple Simultaneous Frequencies

  • Reliable Reference Source

Filters, up to 50 GHz

  • Cavity filters

  • Planar – stripline and microstrip — filters

  • Lumped-element filters

  • Tubular filters

  • Coaxial resonator filters

  • Dielectric-resonator filters

  • Multiband filters

  • Multiplexer (“n-plexer”) filters

  • Temperature-compensated filters

Phase shifters

  • Controllable phase shift of the RF signal


  • Line power sensors

  • Transmitter automatic levels controls

Power dividers/combiners

  • Signal Distribution

  • Signal Combination

Custom switch modules

  • PIN diode

  • GaAs

  • Mechanical relay

Custom switch matrices

Custom LNAs

T/R switches

Custom integrated microwave/RF assemblies

Internal voltage regulation to provide

  • Voltage supply flexibility

  • Better phase noise/jitter

  • Lower spurious signals

Performance Hallmarks

NuWaves RF frequency converter designs provide superior performance tailored to the requirements of the system, while utilizing the latest techniques and devices to achieve the smallest form factor, weight and power consumption possible. Our programmable and block frequency converter designs feature:

Design miniaturization low size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C)

Broadband / multi-octave operation

High dynamic range

Ultra-low phase noise for

  • Improved receiver sensitivity

  • Excellent sub-clutter visibility

  • Increased system noise floor

  • Lower bit errors

Excellent stability over environment extremes

Very low spurious signals

Output filtering for low harmonic output


  • High power

  • Low loss

  • Highest achievable ultimate rejection

  • Low multipaction

  • Low PIM

Automatic and manual gain control (AGC / MGC)

Choice of serial terminal programming or graphical user interface (GUI) control

Contact NuWaves to discuss your project’s frequency converter design needs, or consider NuWaves’ COTS RF frequency converter products, which include:

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