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RF Bidirectional Amplifier Design

High Efficiency, Fast T/R Switching, Low Noise Figure

A natural extension to NuWaves’ power amplifier expertise and circuit designs, we also offer advanced RF bidirectional amplifier design services as well as COTS bidirectional amplifier (BDA) products. BDAs are used with half-duplex data link transceivers to provide two-way signal amplification (i.e. both transmit and receive). Our bidirectional amplifier designs feature:

  • A transmit signal path with a high-efficiency power amplifier

  • A receive signal path with a low-noise amplifier setting a low noise figure for the data link

  • Fast Tx/Rx switching to support a variety of waveforms (e.g. 802.11), whether automatic (transmit sensing) or via a transmit/receive signal from the data link

  • Optional embedded filtering (e.g. harmonic filtering for transmit, bandpass filtering for receive)

NuWaves’ BDA design services deliver high-performance solutions that are in many cases started from existing circuit designs, thus lowering the development cost for our customers. Our design services and AS9100-certified quality management system help ensure that customers’ requirements and key performance parameters are met, such as DC power efficiency, small size and lightweight packaging (i.e., SWaP), high linearity (low error vector magnitude, or EVM), low noise figure, or a combination thereof.

Examples of NuWaves’ bidirectional amplifier design service solutions:

  • S-Band Linear Bidirectional Amplifier – This broadband, linear 5 Watt (average) power amplifier featured analog pre-distortion and provided a rare combination of DC power efficiency and linear performance to support an OFDM-based digital data link in an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) application.

  • L-Band Booster Amplifier – A high-efficiency bidirectional amplifier developed specifically for vehicle-mounted tactical radios, this design featured built-in-test (BIT) and several other diagnostic features in addition to a 20 Watt output.

  • UHF Bidirectional Amplifier – This amplifier operated over the 350 – 450 MHz range, providing 8 W in transmit mode, and utilized a limiter in the receive path to prevent overload.

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