NuFilter™ Series

Commercial Off-the-Shelf and Custom Variants Available

NuWaves Engineering HiPerTuner Digitally Tuned RF Filter

Digitally Tuned RF Filter

High-performance, wideband RF Tuner designed for front-end receiver and transmit applications

Harmonic Filter

Low-pass RF filter designed to reduce harmonics at the output of transmitters operating at up through S-Band.

NuWaves Bandpass Cavity Filter

Bandpass Cavity Filters

Pre-Designed, Quick turn Bandpass Cavity Filters. Quotes within 24 hours, lead times as low as 2-3 weeks ARO!

NuWaves Bandpass Cavity Filter

Custom RF Filters

Bandpass, Highpass, Lowpass, and Notch filters. Quotes within 24 hours, lead times as low as 2-3 weeks ARO!


We actively update and post blogs to address the most current issues in the RF & Microwave industry and amongst our customers. We look forward to your feedback and hope our insight will engineer a lasting partnership!

How do you keep noise out of RF circuit power supplies?

An RF circuit that generates a Radio Frequency (RF) signal, is very sensitive to power supply noise.  If not controlled, the power supply noise can significantly degrade the performance of the system.  So, what are the sources of noise and how can they be addressed? The first potential source of noise is the power source. 

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Don’t forget about RF Filtering your UAS Communication Systems!

One of the most commonly overlooked building blocks of a UAS communication system is RF filtering. Whether your system is for command and control or streaming sensor data such as live video, proper filtering can be the key element in achieving the communications range or data throughput desired. Unfortunately, it is often not realized that

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NuWaves Engineering HiPerTuner Digital RF Tuner

Will an RF Preselector Improve the Performance of My System?

An RF Preselector (a.k.a an RF Tuner or “front-end”) is used to prevent out-of-band signals from entering the radio receiver. In a super-heterodyne type of receiver, front-end filtering is essential to prevent unwanted signals from degrading the performance of the receiver. Without filtering, the frequency conversion stage(s) of the receiver will convert all signals received

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