Utilize NuWaves Engineering in Your Next Technical Project

Outsource Your RF Design, Wireless Engineering, PCB Layout, Transmitter, Receiver, and Transceiver Development Requirements

Today’s successful companies are staying within their niche and are outsourcing requirements that don’t fit their corporate long term goals. NuWaves fills the void as a subcontractor for large companies dealing in DoD, government, commercial, and industrial projects. These companies succeed by outsourcing their RF, Wireless, Analog, and Digital Design and Manufacturing requirements to the talented team at NuWaves. A few of the advantages of outsourcing your RF Engineering and Wireless Design requirements are:

  • Allows you to invest capital elsewhere in your business.

  • Allows your business to focus its human resources where they are needed most.

  • Provides a means to start projects right away. Instant access to resources and specialists.

  • Outsourcing can provide a cost structure and economy of scale to give your business a cost advantage.

  • Reduces risk – NuWaves assumes and manages the risk for you and can better decide how to avoid risk in our areas of expertise.

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