Power Amplifier
Technical Specifications

Long-Standing Success Implementing a Wide Array of Technical Specifications

Established using the latest tools, techniques, and methods our power amplifier technical specifications are customized to advance our clients

NuWaves’ continues to expand the capabilities of our power amplifiers to forge the industry standard in efficiency, power, frequency, size and user control.

Technical Specifications

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The NuWaves team engineers across the full spectrum of RF frequencies, to include: HF/VHF/ UHF-Bands, 800/900 MHz Band, IFF-Band, L-Band, S-Band, C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band, K-Band, and KA-Band.
Gain/Power Control
Integrated automatic gain control (AGC) and automatic level control (ALC). User adjustable gain/level settings for on-the-fly changes.
Linear Power Amplifier
Linear power amplifier designs for increasing data throughput, minimizing ACPR / ACLR, miniminzing Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), increasing P1dB, and increasing amplifier efficiency. Linearization techniques such as pre-distortion are incorporated for highly linear applications.
Power is one of the key design characteristics of power amplifiers. Our team has ingrained various techniques and methods to properly apply power to our devices maintaining the integrity of the design. Our engineers take into consideration heat, consumption, efficiency, derating guidelines and the general input/output power requirements our devices are expected to perform at.
Fast Switch Timing
T/R and RF ON/OFF switch timing of < 2 us is standard on NuWaves’ Bi-directional and Uni-directiional amplifier designs. NuWaves’ switch timing circuits captures the entire message and prevents the pre-amble from being missed.
MIL-STD Designs
NuWaves has engineered a wide array of MIL-STD compliant designs across various industries to advance our clients mission. Our team has met compliancy in various testing standards to include: EMI, Altitude, Submersion, Shock and Vibe, Humidity, Drip Test, and various harsh enviroment testing standards highlighted in the MIL-STD’s
Power amplifiers are one of the core competencies within NuWaves Engineering. Our designs consist of a wide variety of both Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDA) and Uni-Directional Amplifiers across varying degrees of complexity and specifications.
High output VSWR handling achieved through continuous output VSWR monitoring and reporting. Our power amplifiers can withstand Open / Short VSWR conditions for continous operation in the field. User monitoring and reporting of VSWR status is provided through software/firmware commands.
Integrated Filtering
All in one integrated filtering solutions are provided through incorporating the filters and amplifiers together.
Auto-switching between RF ON and RF OFF by continusously sensing input signal strength to turn ON / OFF the power amplifier. Our Bi-directional amplfier designs automatically switches between transmit mode and receive mode through sensing of the input signal strength. 2us T/R timing. 
Our mechanical design team are experts in ruggedizing custom enclosures. Each design is customized to meet the environment in which the device will be operating in. Using innovative techniques NuWaves Engineering has designed ruggedized enclosures across the RF industry for government and commercial clients.
User Control
Power amplifier user control for ease of operation. Software and firmware provide user with the ability to adjuste power amplifier settings. Monitoring and reporting of power amplifier status and alarms for VSWR, temperature, output power, reflected power, and fault conditions.

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