Conceptualization is the Driving Force Behind Our "First of Its Kind" Power Amplifier Designs

Our design examples, demonstrate our desire to push the boundaries into the next generation

NuWaves has applied cutting edge technology techniques and methods to our power amplifier designs, each example displays a significant challenge our engineers encountered.


10 Watt C-Band Bi-directional Power Amplifier

Operating from 4.4 GHz to 5.1 GHz in a small, miniaturized package, this amplifier is designed to fit into small spaces such as for wing-tip installations in airborne applications. This amplifier automatically switches between transmit and receive modes based on input power detection. Designed to boost and extend datalink transmission.


C- Band Bi-directional Amplifier


NuPower Xtender

Broadband Bi-Directional Power Amplifier

1 – 2.5 GHz, 10-20 Watt bi-directional power amplifier. Increases the output power and improves link margin of communication systems for high data rate applications. User-configurable for autosense or manual T/R control.


Small Form Factor Multi-Octave Power Amplifier (MOPA)

Wideband Power Amplifier

200 MHz to 2600 MHz, 10 Watt broadband power amplifier. Thermally efficient power amplifier in a small and miniaturized form factor. GaN power amplifier supports high mean time between failure (MTBF) and high operating temperatures

15 Watt Power Amplifier with Power Control

C-Band, 15 Watt power amplifier for airborne and ground mobile video datalink. User selectable output power control from Pmax to Pmax – 15 and including standby mode. Internal harmonic and noise rejection filtering. Operational up to 70,000 ft altitude.


15 Watt PA with RF Power Level Control


NuPower 13G05A

50 Watt L&S Band Power Amplifier

Operational from 800 MHz to 2000 MHz and achieving ultra-high efficiency of 50%. Provides VSWR protection to 10:1, Open, and Short load conditions at all phase angles. Provides range extension for data links and video feeds. Provides signal boost for communication systems and electronic warfare/radar applications.

150 Watt UHF Telemetry Transceiver

150 Watt UHF Transmit/Receiver (Transceiver) Time, Space, Position,  and Information (TSPI) Module for Navy Tracking System. Flight qualified for FA-18 training missions. Modules include transmitter, receiver, T/R switch, modulator, demodulator,  integrated harmonic/spurious filtering, up and down conversion, power regulation, digital control.


Telemetry Transceiver

12 GHz Power Amplifier

12 GHz, 20 Watt power amplifier with integrated synthesizer and precision output power control. User selectable output power settings. High VSWR handling into open and short loads.

Linear VHF/UHF Bidirectional Amplifier

Bi-directional Power Amplifier designed for expendable UAV.  Achieves 4 Watts of RF linear output power and 20 Watts of saturated RF output power. Operates with an LTE waveform with up to 20 MHz bandwidth and 30 dBc ACPR/ACLR



High-Performance Solutions from Concept to Production

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