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Integrating Innovative Power Amplifier Designs Across Multiple Industries

Forging the next generation of power amplifiers through reduction of Size, Weight, Power and Cost

Our engineering team is continuously exercising new techniques to push the boundaries of power amplifier applications.


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Range Extension
Our experienced staff of engineers are fluent in designing custom power amplifiers to increase the range capabilities. Using advance simulation tools and proven design techniques, our engineers can accurately predict the operation capabilties of the design circuitry to optimize each design to the customers expectations.
Our team understands effective surveillance has to be peformed at a distance with limited size and power contraints. Utilyzing our vast knowledge of supporting UAV drone operations, our engineers are proficient in producing power amplifiers using SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power consumption) methods to meet customer expectations.
Telemetry Datalink
NuWaves’ extensive work in telemetry training ranges and UAV operations uniquely positions our team to support and design for even the most critical missions. Our knowledge of airspace operations is applied to each design to ensure effective and reliable data link connectivity in a wide array of environments.
RF Ablation
RF solutions in medical applications continues to rapidly grow as technology evolves, our engineering team has integrated itself into designing cutting edge high power amplifiers and power generator modules to support RF ablation.
In today’s military, C4ISR is the foundation to the success of every mission. NuWaves Engineering aligns our strategic intent of developing solutions to advance the RF operations under Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance to support our warfighters.
High Power Signals
We design custom transmitters with integrated signal synthesizers creating a high power signal source. Our high power signal sources include custom filtering solutions and provide wide signal bandwidths for high data rate modulations. Configurations are user selectable through software and firmware commands.
Applying cutting edge techniques and technology NuWaves is capable of producing power amplifiers that meet SWaP (Size, Weight and Power Consumption) optimization while maintaining range, data rates and frequency requirements.
Signal Jamming
As technology evolves the complexity of signal jamming increases exponentially. NuWaves provides innovative RF techniques and devices that are paramount to proactively support the warfighters and their missions.
The cornerstone application for RF repeaters is to receive, reconstuct, amplify and transmit information to extend the range of communications. Our power amplifiers are uniquely built across a wide array of specifications to vastly support this operation. 
UAS Counter-Measures
As the emergence of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) continues to grow, our team is taking a proactive approach to applying instrumental support for UAS counter-measures. Our devices have been used in jamming, disruption and neutralization systems across the industry.

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