Engineering Services

anechoic_chamber2Beyond RF design, NuWaves Engineering also provides a wide breadth of engineering services related to the deployment, testing, evaluation, and sustainment of advanced communications, telemetry, and electronic warfare systems. Our staff has the necessary tools, training, and experience to provide impactful and cost-effective services in the following areas.

We leverage a decade of experience sustaining Time-Space-Position Information (TSPI) systems for US military training ranges.

Through years of system sustainment work, we've established a quick-tempo Depot-Level Maintenance capability.

We offer RF propagation analysis and site survey services to complement wireless systems design.

We design printed circuit boards (PCBs) using the industry's latest techniques and processes.

With extensive mechanical design and thermal analysis experience through development of our own products, we provide this expertise under our design services as well.

NuWaves’ embedded systems team is fully equipped to guide your project throughout the entire design cycle.

Our engineering services are lauded by clients for consistently delivering both high-quality and high-value solutions.

Contact NuWaves to find out how our engineering services can help enhance and accelerate your project.