Rapid Prototyping

At NuWaves, nearly every project  involves a certain amount of prototyping/small quantity assembly or LRIP.  NuWaves’  expertise in rapid prototyping comes from very successful experience in Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) and program management in medium and high volume production.  We have programs requiring up to hundreds of units, which are produced at our facility, all of which started out in a prototype phase.

To support rapid prototyping activities, NuWaves has printed circuit board prototype fabrication capabilities in-house which utilize a computer controlled machine to route circuit traces and drill vias on the circuit board.  Since it is fabricated from the standard Gerber files, the complete printed circuit board has exactly the same characteristics as a circuit board fabricated using conventional chemical etch process.  Because the total process is in-house, complete circuit card assemblies can be built in short order by skilled assemblers who can perform the hand placement typically used for prototype circuit boards.  Moreover, NuWaves has  automated parts placement equipment for very high production quantities if needed to support follow-on of increased quantities.

In addition to circuit boards, NuWaves also maintains a small machine shop for any custom chassis or mechanical modifications that might be needed to support a rapid prototyping effort.

Environmental testing is also available on-site to meet your requirements.

Rapid Prototyping Manual Pick and Place

Rapid Prototyping Machine Shop 

Rapid Prototyping Machine Shop

Whatever your requirement, Think NuWaves!

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