Production Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Electronic Device Manufacturing

production5Over 5,000 square feet of NuWaves’ Executive and Manufacturing Center is dedicated to the company’s production facilities. The company has a complete production assembly line of equipment, including a semi-automatic solder paste machine, an automated pick-and-place machine capable of placing 4,500 parts per hour, a seven-stage surface-mount reflow oven, an x-ray machine, a ball grid array (BGA) rework station, and a conformal coating booth.

Along with proper equipment, it is also paramount to strictly adhere to applicable engineering specifications in the production process.  Production technicians follow all requirements in the technical data package including quality control documentation necessary to assure the product is produced in accordance with the stated requirements and guidelines. NuWaves’ manufacturing staff includes highly-skilled assemblers and manufacturing technicians with the latest training on IPC standards; in fact, NuWaves’ manufacturing manager is a certified IPC instructor. The manufacturing process is completely intertwined with and inseparable from our quality process and control.

All product documentation, including schematics, bills of materials, PCB layouts, assembly drawings, etc. are kept under revision control. Any changes to the product documentation requires an approved engineering change notice (ECN), and results in a subsequent revision to the specified document(s).

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