Capabilities Concept to Production Design and Development Capabilities

production3NuWaves Engineering is a premier supplier of Radio Frequency (RF) Systems, Products, and Engineering Services designed to customer requirements. NuWaves is an RF powerhouse with the singular mission of delivering unsurpassed RF Products and Engineering Design Services. We are a turnkey provider for RF/microwave and wireless communication custom designs with full project management and design responsibilities; taking ownership from the conceptual idea to production. NuWaves has unique skill sets with expertise in a broad array of RF, microwave, analog, digital, and wireless design applications. NuWaves personnel are talented, experienced, innovative, and deliver on commitments.

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In-House Expertise

NuWaves Engineering offers quick-tempo RF system, subsystem and module-level design services from HF to Ka-band frequencies.

Includes Automated Assembly, Through-hole and SMT Production, etc.

Includes Production Testing, Automated Testing, Qualification Testing, and Environmental Testing

Includes in-house PCB layout and fabrication and on-site machine shop

Engineering Services

NuWaves Engineering offers a wide breadth of Engineering Services for the deployment, testing, evaluation, and sustainment of advanced communications, electronic warfare, and telemetry systems.

NuWaves conducts site surveys and RF propagation analysis in support of robust system engineering design.
NuWaves has in-house printed circuit board prototype fabrication capabilities
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NuWaves’ embedded systems team is fully equipped to guide your project throughout the entire design cycle.


One of NuWaves’ key discriminators is design miniaturization. Miniaturization of high-performance communication electronics is far more involved than simply choosing smaller components. Miniaturization of one phase of a product usually reveals limitations and weaknesses in other parts of the overall design and manufacturing process. Successful miniaturization demands a thorough understanding of the many technologies and processes inherent in a high-performance electronic printed circuit board (PCB) or assembly. These technologies and processes include PCB layout, mechanical design, and IPC Class III manufacturing capabilities. Detailed knowledge of the performance characteristics of small profile components and a mastery of the circuit design are essential to successful miniaturization.

Quick Pace

NuWaves also has the unique ability to respond quickly to short-term requirements. In the past few years the electronics industry has become one of the largest worldwide markets due to advances in technology and product development. In this growing market, product cycles have become shorter and more demanding. Products on the market today will soon be obsolete and products of tomorrow are conceived utilizing the latest, state-of-the-art technology. This rate of growth imposes severe deadlines, demanding a decrease in product development time. This decrease must be absorbed in the design-to-prototype production time.
Whatever your requirement, Think NuWaves!