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RF Propagation Modeling & Site Surveys

NuWaves conducts site surveys and RF propagation link modeling & analysis in support of robust communication system engineering design.

The prediction of path loss is very important in planning the deployment of communications devices. Regardless of range — close, long, or line-of-sight (LOS) — the path loss can be considerable as the waveform gets absorbed in vegetation, trees, and other obstacles. Understanding the RF propagation characteristics associated with deploying a communications system is key to establishing mission objectives and maintaining link closure.

RF Communication Systems – Propagation Link Modeling and Analysis

Radio Frequency Propagation Analysis
Propagation Analysis
Radio Frequency Site Survey

NuWaves can help define the system specifications required for link closure, inclusive of receiver performance and transmit power requirements. We conduct propagation studies and site surveys up to decimetric wavelengths (frequencies to 8 GHz).

Should conditions warrant, NuWaves can develop a custom propagation model unique to your requirements using empirical and theoretical data.

Site surveys offer the end user a unique and custom look into the noise or interferers that your system is operating with. A frequency plan can be designed with this data to improve the performance of your link.

Contact NuWaves when your next project requires RF Propagation Modeling and Analysis expertise.

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