Strategic Relations


The UDRI Center for UAS Exploitation (CUE) was established under a grant from the Ohio Third Frontier program to meet increasing demand for sensor & payload integration, systems analysis, and flight demonstration & test of unmanned aerial systems.  The CUE is co-located with the Air Force Research Laboratory Center for Rapid Product Development at the Wright Brothers Institute Tec^Edge Works facility and supports multi-disciplinary collaboration between a wide spectrum of government, industry, and academic partners.


JSW Enterprises is aimed at taking initial product concepts involving Radio Frequency (RF) Systems, RF Products (i.e. power amplifier modules, bi-directional amplifiers, low noise RF amplifiers), Tactical Communication concepts and pushing them into volume production where the payoff is extremely big. JSW Enterprises and NuWaves are teamed to look for opportunities that are highly innovative with the end results bettering warfighter.


GIRD Systems develops custom signal processing solutions – algorithms and implementations in a form for embedding into its customers’ products. This is usually code developed for field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), digital signal processors (DSPs), and micro controllers.


Looking to partner on your next project? Present and future systems require multi-disciplinary professions; putting NuWaves’ RF expertise on your team allows others to focus on their niche. Contact NuWaves at (513) 360-0800 or by email to discuss future business opportunities.